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Our Traditional Thai Massage at Richmond combines yogic exercises, acupressure, and reflexology which manipulate the energy lines to diminishes tension, augment metabolism and creates a feeling of well-being and vitality. This massage provides enhanced energy flow, pain relief, reduced headaches and stress reduction.

Traditional Thai Massage will help to promote balance of all the body’s systems (body, mind, and spirit) to create a complete sense of wellbeing. Expect to feel relaxed, restored, and rejuvenated.

Thai Massage is an ancient therapy practiced for thousands of years. The technique applies dynamic bodywork therapy in which you are skillfully placed into a series of yoga-like postures and stretches, while compression techniques by palm, thumb, elbow or feet are applied with slow and mindful movements.

Why Go For Traditional Thai Massage?

The Traditional Thai Massage is entirely holistic healing therapy that focuses on general wellbeing. In traditional Thai Massage different bodily movements and Deep Tissue massage is involved to improve oxygenation of blood, to align energy flow within the body and to relieve stress. The pressure implied varies according to the body and acceptance level of the recipient. The traditional Thai Massage involves an intuitive relationship between the therapist and the recipient.

The Traditional Thai massage is far more calming yet energising than any other forms of massage. At A Touch of Thailand, our certified, knowledgeable practitioners work to create a perfect harmonious atmosphere where you can relax and see yourself transform with every touch.

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Experience the magic of pressing, squeezing and circling touches of our authentic Traditional Thai Massage in Richmond and see how it relieves your joint pains, stiffness, mood swings and stress. The transformation – both internal and external will leave you energised and high for a long time and that’s what A Touch of Thailand promises.

Feel free to contact us at 03 9428 0818 and share us your query regarding our massage services. You can pre-book your appointment with us from here.

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