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Best Massage Therapists North Melbourne

As one of the leading Massage Therapists North Melbourne, A Touch of Thailand offers most rejuvenating massage services including Full Body massages, Hot oil massage, Deep Tissue massage, Hot stone massage, Foot reflexology and several others. All of our massage therapists are highly trained and offer a range of treatment options.

How Our Massage Therapy Helps

With life being hectic and faced-paced nowadays most of people suffer from poor posture, and stress through the lower back, neck and shoulders resulting from long periods sitting at a work station. Our Massage therapy is a scientific practice of working on the body using a variety of physical techniques aimed at increasing circulation and flexibility, reducing muscle and joint pain, aiding recovery from injury or muscle fatigue, and relaxing the nervous system.

During a treatment, our massage therapist may ask questions and may conduct orthopedic testing if injuries are present, all massages are tailored to individual clients needs and you may be offered home care advice and appropriate exercises or stretches to ensure the best long-term results.

Comprehensive notes may be recorded with every treatment for future reference.

When you are staying in a city like North Melbourne or visiting the place, which grows on chaos and the body is no more able to take a tall on your physical and mental Well-being, you indeed required to have a break from the hectic city life.

At this point of time one needs to visit The Best Thai massage centre in North Melbourne, Melbourne, that is A Touch of Thailand all about, which does not revitalize your body or mind only but the soul too. We are highly recommended in North Melbourne for our traditional Thai massage therapy and ensure our clients to de-Stress with the best massage centre and massage Services By Expert Professionals in North Melbourne, Melbourne, Australia.

Feel free to contact A Touch Of Thailand at 03 9428 0818 to pre-book your appointment and further enquiry.