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Hot stone massage in Richmond is a type of relaxation massage that indulges smooth stones heated in water. These stones are placed along pressure points along the body. The penetrative heat affects the deep layers of tissue for a revitalising experience.

Hot stone massage is an ancient practice derived from traditional Chinese medicine. In the modern age, we often use heat to alleviate pain and discomfort, usually associated with cramps or other muscle afflictions. This therapy is one of the favourite wellness treatments for people around the globe.

Benefits Of Hot Stone Massage in RICHMOND

Hot stone massage improves mobility and provides an immmunity boost. Pressure points are affected by the stones as the heat penetrates into the deep layers of muscle and fascia. Along with the hot stones, your hot stone massage therapist will use a series of regular massage techniques, including strokes and kneading. It is great for any kind of muscular physical pain and also alleviates strain in the joints, particularly in the lower back, spine and neck. This perticular massage type have been reported to assist in autoimmune disease symptoms which coincide with the boost to the immune system. Stress, anxiety, tiredness and lethargy can also be relieved with the benefit of a our stone massage.

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