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Looking for the best massage treatment for your overworked body? A Aromatherapy Hot Oil Massage in Richmond is one of the better options which you can avail at our best A Touch of Thailand spa in Melbourne. Choosing this will benefit both your skin and well-being.

How Hot Oil Massage Helps in Relaxation?

Gentle to medium hot oil massage using palms and fingertips apply pressure in your body in a rhythmic order which helps stimulating the blood circulation process and promote relaxation. Aromatherapy Oil Massage is a contemporary massage which works deeply in our body and nervous system and helps in immunity boosting too. At A Touch of Thailand, we offer a unique blend of Traditional Thai Massage rituals that make use of natural ingredients like native flowers, exotic scents, herbs, spices and plants which are found from Thai region.

Thanks to our hot oil full body massage, achieving your dream skin will be more manageable. The use of normal warm oil aids for better skin texture and prevents aging effects. Not only that, this massage prevents dryness and reduce scaling of skin to a large extent.

Good sleep is what we dream of to function productively at home and work. A Touch of Thailand’s Hot Oil Massage in Richmond is your solution to improve your sleep and general well-being. It has a calming effect that nourishes our brain and nerves, erasing all our worries. It also helps you to stay away from anxiety.

Give us call at 04 0529 8615 and book your appointment. You can also book an appointment through our contact us page.

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