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Foot Reflexology in Richmond is a type of therapeutic massage and treatment which deals with a foot bath and scrub, followed by Thai foot massage and reflexology. Thai foot massage focuses on a series of zones in the foot that primarily correspond with specific areas in the body. When you’re carrying out foot reflexology you will actually feel the stress, tension and discomfort leave your body as balance is restored.

Benefits Of Foot Relexology From A Touch Of Thailand

Many of us spend long hours on our feet. Whether working in a workshop, an office, a field, or anything in between, a lot of pressure and weight is placed on our feet daily. Thai Foot Massage is great for tired and aching feet, improving circulation as well as lymph movement in the feet and lower legs.

Foot Reflexology in Richmond targets the reflex points of your feet which correspond to various parts of your body, such as your vital organs and glands, bringing about physiological changes.

The special pressures applied by your therapist improve blood circulation not only to your feet but your entire body, delivering oxygen and nutrients. You will feel relaxed, yet energized and invigorated.

Foot Reflexology Massage Benefits

  • Improves blood circulation
  • Improved digestive system
  • Relaxation and better sleep
  • Relieves pain
  • Healthier feet
  • Lowers blood pressure

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